Final stage underway on Oceanside Pier repairs

via The Coast News

OCEANSIDE — The 129-year-old Oceanside Pier, which was last rebuilt in 1987, is having its concrete bridge patched and worn decks replaced.
In late November safety fences and scaffolding were put in place to repair the final southwest quadrant of the walkway bridge that connects Pacific Street and Pier View Way with the wood pier.
“Pier View Way Bridge was constructed in 1926 and started to show significant signs of distress from being in a severe marine environment,” city public works director Kiel Koger said.
Moisture from constant saltwater spray has caused reinforced steel within the bridge to corrode and exterior concrete to crack and fall off.
Visual examination and sounding tests have been used to identify distressed areas that need repair. Then worn areas are sandblasted and cleaned, and rust inhibitor and patching material is applied to strengthen areas.
Repair work ensures safety for those walking on and under the pedestrian bridge.
“This work will repair the spalled areas and eliminate the potential of falling concrete,” Koger said.
Bridge repair work began in August 2016. A quarter of the double walking bridge has been repaired at a time.
Work on the third section was finished in May. Then the project was put on pause during the summer tourist season.
Repairs that recently restarted on the final quadrant of the bridge are expected to be completed in March 2018.
The cost for overall bridge repairs is about $700,000. The final section is expected to cost $200,000 of the total amount.
Current work will ensure the bridge is in solid condition until the city can secure $10 million to $15 million in funding to replace or completely rehabilitate the bridge walkway.
The pier is estimated to last until 2030. At this point the city does not have a timeline to replace it.
“The bridge will eventually need to be replaced or retrofitted,” Koger said.
At the other end of the aging pier, 4,400 square feet of decking is being replaced.
This project has also been done in phases in order to cause the least amount of disruption to residents and visitors enjoying the pier.
Current work is around Ruby’s Diner, which sits at the end of the pier. The restaurant will remain open while work is being completed in a barricaded off area.
“This is the last section of decking that needs to be replaced,” Koger said.
Decking on the 1,500-foot pier was last replaced more than 30 years ago. Around the same time residents who donated money to support the city’s 1988 centennial celebration had their names permanently carved on the pier’s wood handrails.
The cost for the final section of boardwalk replacement is approximately $60,000.
The project is funded through the city’s pier maintenance budget, which also funds the regular replacement of groups of the 2,000 steel braces under the pier.
Ongoing decking repairs are expected to be completed at the same time as bridge walkway repairs.

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