Budget and policy committee meetings week ending 4/8/2018

Floors meet Monday and Thursday.

Statewide Housing Groups Oppose SB 827 Unless Amended

CRLA Foundation, Western Center and Housing California released a letter opposing SB 827 (Wiener) unless amended to address displacement and affordability concerns.

Policy Hearings this Week

Tuesday @ 9 AM – Senate Energy
  • SB 998 (Dodd) Limiting water shutoffs for low-income households.
Wednesday @ 9 AM – Assembly Approps
  • AB 2161 (Chiu) Housing: homeless integrated data warehouse.
Wednesday @ 9:30 – Senate Gov and Finance
  • SB 1115 (Hill) Welfare Exemption.
  • SB 1333 (Wieckowski) Clarifying application of state housing laws to charter cities

Budget Hearings This Week

Assembly Sub 4 – Tuesday @ 1:30
  • Dept. of Housing and Community Development
  • Dept of Fair Employment and Housing
  • Local Government Financing
Items of note: Discussion of SB 2 homelessness dollars; HCD staffing levels.

Bills Up Next Week

April 9 @ 2:30 – Asm. Rev and Tax
  • AB 3152 (Chiu) – Makes units restricted to moderate-income households eligible for the county property tax welfare exemption.
April 10 @ 9 AM – Asm. Judiciary
  • AB 2343 (Chiu) –  Eviction action reforms.
  • AB 2618 (Bonta) – Training for landlords and property managers.
April 10 @ 1:30 – Asm. Health
  • AB 1971 (Santiago) – Allows social workers and law enforcement to determine if a homeless person is gravely disabled enough to be detained and taken into medical care
  • AB 2490 (Chiu) –  Allows a homeless person to obtain a birth certificate without cost.
April 11 @ 9 AM – Asm Housing
  • AB 1771 (Bloom) – Makes numerous reforms to the RHNA process.
  • AB 1796 (Muratsuchi) – Allows tenants to install EV charging stations at rent-controlled properties.
  • AB 2364 (Bloom) – Gives all tenants a 1-year notice of eviction due to an Ellis Act closure; requires all units withdrawn from the market under Ellis to have the same withdrawal date for purposes of re-renting.
  • AB 2372 (Gloria) – Allows a local gov to base density bonuses on floor area.
  • AB 2753 (Friedman) – Requires a local government to notify an applicant for a density bonus within 30 days if the application is complete, and act on the application within 60 days; otherwise the application is deemed approved.
  • AB 2797 (Bloom) – Provides that the granting of a density bonus cannot be the basis for finding that a project violates the visual preservation provisions in the Coastal Act.
  • AB 3037 (Chiu) – Allows local governments to create new redevelopment agencies, with purposes limited to infrastructure and housing, and subject to approval by the Dept. of Finance.

The Arsenal of Inclusion and Exclusion: a collection of planning policies and practices that are used  to wage the ongoing war between integration and segregation.

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